alex brady Course for Guaranteed Enlightenment

The alex brady Course in Miracles (abcim) is a loose set of steps for guaranteed spiritual enlightenment/awakening/realization.

The primary process is for you to a) see the humanity's world for what it is, b) read and cross-reference different spiritual paths to learn the dimension of self where to expect growth, and c) study A Course in Miracles, a complete breakdown of the egoic and spiritual thought processes, complete with guided practice in applying spiritual thought processes.

Steps for Spiritual Realization:

  1. Join the Club

    Your inner guidance system should be telling you to join. If you join, you're starting off right. It's at

  2. Cultural Unlearning

    Comparative looks at what we are told and a set of complete opposite truths. (Sample media list)

    Name one concept the society that you live in in which the values that are espoused do not match behavior. Where the story that is told does not match the facts.

    The point not to convince you of other viewpoints. The point is but to present these perspectives as alternative to preconceived truths. Useful for concept debate practice and inner guidance checking. Come discuss on r/iamalexbrady.

  3. Spiritual Learning

    Find the mento-/spirtual flavors you like

    There are spiritual teachings you will vibe with more than others. Collect the ones you like.

    Start meditating, guided and self-guided.

  4. A Course in Miracles

    Suggested order. Can be done simultaneously.

    Start the Text. Finish it, too.

    As soon as you've experienced a miracle by your own definition, begin the workbook and practice it as written.

    Read the Manual when you remember it exists.

  5. Continuing Unlearning

    Next is a gradual process of unlearning. You should have had glimpses from the workbook practice that your mental desires are the sole determiner of your world. The unlearning process, guided by your own internal guidance system, will take you from glimpses to vision.

    Over time you begin to understand how "All things are lessons." You will become a happy learner of these joyful lessons rather than maintain pretenses of egoic upsets.

    Congratulations. 🥳 You're enlightened.

  6. Christ Guidance

    You will welcome Christ guidance into your life. You've already always been doing it. You will simply realize how this is the case, welcome it, and get good at it.

    Congratulations. 🥳 You're awakened.

  7. Realize you are Christ.

    Congratulations. 🥳 You're realized.


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