alex brady's course in miracles

alex brady's Course in Miracles is a curriculum with the purpose of guiding the learner from where they are to personal spiritual enlightenment without requiring a major life change.

This curriculum heavily based on the teaching found within the book A Course in Miracles.





Improved state of mind

This course points the learner to a path of divine peace. If followed, this peace is reflected in the learner as an overall improvement in moment-to-moment state of mind. Expect increased occurrence of security, joy, and repose.

Spiritual enlightenment

You have graduated this course when you are enlightened. That is the goal and the result. Not being in an enlightened state is a sign of incomplete learning.


An honest examination of one's current life situation and belief systems. Finding these situations and systems to be unable to satisfy an inner quest for truth.

Your past learning must have taught you wrong things simply on the basis that it has not made you happy. Dissatisfaction with learning outcomes myst be a sign of learning failure, since it means that you did not get what you want. If the outcome of yours has made you unhappy and you want a different one, a change in curriculum is obviously necessary.


By taking this course, an indiviual will:

  • Examine current held cultural, social, and personal belief systems
  • Consume major theological and philosophical historical works
  • Read the A Course in Miracles Text
  • Complete the ACIM Workbook as mind training exercises


  • A Course in Miracles Text

    The required framework of spiritual psyche

    Original Edition recommended

  • A Course in Miracles Workbook

    Guided practice in applying "miraculous forgiveness"

    Original Edition mobile app recommended

  • Recommended media selections

    Recommended list, not required

For more editions of ACIM, see this page.

The Course:

  1. Complete 2 (two) selections from the recommended media list.
  2. Start and finish the A Course in Miracles Text
  3. Start and finish the A Course in Miracles Workbook

    Workbook lessons must be completed using Encouraging Miraculous Forgiveness principles.

Continued Learning

After the book material is completed, the learner should continue the practice of maintaining "miracle readiness" -- that is, continue encouraging miraculous forgiveness.

Continued learning is actually a process of encouraging unlearning of long-held limiting beliefs.


- alex brady