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Ready to engage further in the ACIM conversation? Join One Self, and alex brady online A Course in Miracles community at

Built for the purpose of providing an easy-access gathering area for students of ACIM, the One Self provides the following communication abilities:

  • Post articles or short posts for discussion with other selves
  • Gain access to our members only Slack channel for real time, chat communication.
  • Access One Self exclusive video conference channels.

One Self provides a space for:

  • Discussions
  • Collaboration and research efforts
  • Picture sharing
  • Self-guided and interpersonal guidance
  • Cat pics

none of this is about sex

One Self is a system of communication platforms: Mighty Networks, Slack, and Google Hangouts.

Thanks to all those the teams that put those services together.

As always, is a great resource for interacting with ACIM fans.

If you'd like to set up a similar community for your interest group, contact me! I'll set you up with someone who can help.

- alex brady

One Self, a miracle society

I am One Self.
At one with every aspect of creation.
Limitless in power and in peace.

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