midnight meditation - Sept 1-14

Welcome to Midnight Meditation. We attempt to reach the deepest recesses of our individual minds.

In seeking the [group meditation session], you look not for glory in yourself. You have denied that it is there, and the relationship becomes your substitute for it.

(A Course in Miracles, Tx:16.74)

Let's flip that script.

The rules:

  • Lights out
  • No cams
  • No talking
  • Find your self

There will be a brief intro and a thought of the day night provided by the host. Feel free to use your own (words (or host)) or none at all.

30 minutes, starting on the hour. Everyone's invited. Join when you can.

- alex brady


Time: 12AM ET / 11PM CT / 10PM MT / 4AM GMT

Day: Daily reoccurring September 1th - 14th

Location: alex brady's zoom room


Youtube Playlist

Sept. 1 - "I am one Self"

Sept. 2 - "I am the holy Son"

Sept. 3 - "I do not know the thing I am"

Sept. 4 - "Perfection created me perfect"

Sept. 6 - "Miracles are seen in light"

Sept. 7 - "Peace to my mind"

Sept. 8 - "I am strong, powerful"

Sept. 9 - "Only my condemnation"

Sept. 10 - "Peace be to us"

Sept. 11 - "God's will is perfect happiness"

Sept. 12 - "Certainty"

Sept. 13 - "Separation is a decision"

Sept. 14 - "Turn down for what"

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