Being of Service

This is a redefinition from what is currently believed. And it is a redefinition that will free you from the belief in guilt.

There is a very important advantage in referring decisions to the Holy Spirit with increasing frequency. To follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance is to let yourself be absolved of guilt. It is the essence of the Atonement.


To be of service to another is to provide that one with what they need. What that one needs is God’s presence, remembrance of God.¹

The only way this can occur is if you are in remembrance of God. This means willingly being guided by Holy Spirit in the moment and nothing else.² ³ ⁴ This is teaching miracle-mindedness by demonstration.

We have deemed certain behaviors as “servitude.” Think if you hired a servant, what tasks you’d expect them to handle. This is not what is being called for.

We have deemed certain behaviors as “giving.” Being charitable and generous with material goods and time. This is not what is being called for.

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There is no set behavioral standards when it comes to holy guidance.⁵ The behavior that occurs is the right behavior. We have no true standards to judge what should happen.⁶

What the other person needs is known to our joint Self. What we need is known to our joint Self. If that joint Self is allowed to create the situation, it will unfold how all parties will be most helped.

This is not about washing peoples’ feet. This is about being ON 💡, and setting down personal interest in favor of letting God work through you and for all.

The “service” being provided is being skilled enough to set down personal interest for joint interest. Because of the power that works through the servant, both parties are benefitted. God will prove Himself through the servant to both the servant and the served.⁷


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Seeing God is real is the best experience in the world 💯

- alex brady

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