Game: 20 Questions


Time goes by easier when you're having fun. A little game for passing the time.

One person has an idea in mind. Can you figure it out in 20 questions?

This game is great mental practice of open-mindedness, imagination, and critical thinking.

Perfect for small groups. No materials needed.

house rules


Number of players needed: 2 - 7-ish

Time required: However long you want

Materials needed:

  • None


How To Play

  1. One person is the Answerer. All others are Askers.
  2. The Answerer declares they are thinking of a thing from one of the possible categories. (list below)

    I am thinking of a non-living thing.

  3. The Askers ask the Answerer a yes-or-no question.

    This can be a question about the thing, "Is it larger than a microwave?" . It can be an outright guess at the thing, "Is it a microwave?".

  4. The Answerer replies truthfully yes or no.
  5. The Answerer increments the question count.
  6. Steps 3 - 5 repeat until the Asker guesses correctly or the question count is 20.
  7. If the question count is 20, the Asker gets one final chance to guess the thing.

    Is it a microwave?

  8. When the question count is 6, 12, and 18, the Answerer gives a hint of their choosing. It must be a fact about the thing.

    This thing can be purchased at Walmart.


Rules for the Answerer

  • The thing should not change mid-game.
  • The Answerer is tasked with the question count, the number of questions that have been asked.
  • All questions that count must come from the Askers of the game.
  • It does not matter which Asker asks, it's the question that you answer that counts.
  • Hints given after questions 6, 12, and 18 can be as helpful as you want.


Rules for the Askers

  • Work together to figure out what the Answerer's thing is.
  • Depending on the other goings-on of the day, take as long or little as you like deliberating before asking a question.
  • Askers¬†do not have to be in agreement¬†on what questions¬†are received and¬†answered.
  • Question 21 must be in the form of a guess at the identity of the thing.

    Is it a lollipop?



  • Non-living thing

    glasses, soap, fingernails (most frequent category)

  • Living thing

    octopus, daisy (easiest category)

  • Person

    George Washington, Mickey Mouse, Paul Bunyan, a shared associate (any personification, get creative)

  • Concept

    the speed of light, honor, magic (best for seasoned players)


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