See things differently - Learn the "I know" Game


If you've got some free time, This is a perfect game for keeping yourself and others company while learning a little more about the universe.

This game is great mental practice of humility, open-mindedness, an critical thinking.

What do you know, really?


Number of players needed: 1+

Time required: However long you want

Materials needed:

  • Communication
  • Google / Dictionary / Friends

Who goes first: Whoever brought up This Game


How To Play

  1. The player whose turn it is will be called the Knower. The Knower says something they know, but that the others may not know that they know.
  2. If any one of the others disagrees with the known statement, that one must declare so before the turn passes.
  3. If one other disagrees, that one is the Contender. If multiple others disagree, the multiple must agree on one voice, one person to be the Contender.
  4. The Contender states a counter to the Knower's known statement.
  5. The Knower and the Contender have 2 minutes to collect information to support their position on the thing they know.
  6. The Knower and the Contender, respectively, have 1 minute to elaborate their position to each other and any watchers.
  7. There is no rebuttal.
  8. There is a pause of 1 minute.
  9. The Knower states a thing they know.
  10. The turn passes.


How To Play 2

  • Speak in facts or opinions or feelings
  • Probe the deeper questions of the universe
  • Stay respectful
  • Expect disagreement
  • Love each other
  • Stay hydrated


How to Play with One Person


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