The ACIM Workbook

There's a mental faculty within each of us that remembers eternity. The exercises in the workbook take us there. It's invisible and a journey no-where spatially, but it is a gathering of understandings and experiences.

These are the facts of the Holy thought system: Just the titles.

  • The world I see is meaningless.
  • A meaningless world engenders fear.
  • I am never upset for the reason I think.
  • I could see peace instead of this.
  • I am entitled to miracles.
  • I walk with God in perfect holiness.
  • Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.
  • Only my condemnation injures me.
  • This world I see has nothing that I want.
  • Beyond the world there is a world I want.
  • I choose the joy of God instead of pain.
  • (>200 more)

From ego mindset, these are not true statements.

The point of the daily practice is to ready the mind and give the HS space to give us new experiences that prove these statements true. When we allow ourselves to be shown, we get lightbulb moments, "Eurekas!", and miracles. After the workbook pt 1, you should have picked up a handful of these new, better beliefs.

The HS will show a willing mind, and you'll see that life's way easier with these new beliefs and willingly live them out. That was my experience anyway. I made it to the Real World simply with this book + willingness to unlearn.

Only my condemnation injures me.

Only my own forgiveness sets me free.

Love to all,

- alex brady

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