Active Listening - A Meditation Technique

meditation technique

alex brady loves mind training. Meditative sessions are an arena for testing the strength of a mind's Focus, Attention, Imagination, and Openness.

While other meditative techniques may call for a full and sustained quieting of the mind, this particular meditative technique involves actively seeking out and listening to our inner intuition. While at first the mind is quiet, by the end we are seeking out our reasonable thoughts.

This technique is good for practicing:

  • Focus
  • Open-mindedness
  • Patience

A simple meditation technique that uses active listening to come to inner understandings.

  1. State your intention for meditation either internally or out loud.

    If you are coming to meditation wishing to find comfort from a difficult life experience, you may state your intention as follows:

    example: “I need help seeing peace in this experience.”

    If you are practicing with the Course in Miracles workbook, you may state the idea of the day:

    example: “I trust my brothers who are one with me.”

    Any time you hear your intention during meditation, remember your role in this exercise is to listen.

  2. Quiet your senses.

    Become comfortable with your surroundings. Change any sound, smell, or sensation within reason until you are comfortable.

  3. Restate your intention internally.

    Once you are comfortable, repeat your intention.

    If at any point you notice that your mind has wandered unnecessarily, restate your intention.

    Repeat your intention and remember your role is to listen.

  4. Actively watch your attention.
    When you notice something has captured your attention, ask “How can this help my understanding?” The object of attention can be anything, a sound, a smell, or series of thoughts.

    Your attention being captured is important. Ask how this particular object of attention is important.

    Repeat your intention and remember your role is to listen.

  5. Focus on one particular object.

    At a point in the exercise, there will be an object of attention that engages you more so than the others. When you notice this increased attention, ask one final time: “How can this help my understanding?”

    Repeat your intention and remember your role is to listen.

  6. Understanding

    Let your reasonable mind speak to you from the silence. Let your intuition speak to you from the silence. The understanding will be gentle and joyful. The understanding will remind you of strength and love. There will be a familiarity to the understanding.

    Sometimes the only understanding is that underneath all appearances, there is peace. We can experience that peace when we want, when we ask.


This meditative technique is a daily go to for me. I hope you learn something from yourself!

Stay awakening.

- alex brady

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