Presence watching Workaholics

It's no secret: I enjoy the show Workaholics. I like the irreverent humor. I like how all the characters have consistent flaws. I like that they do drugs and slack-off.

Because of my passion for the show, many of my learning opportunities come from scenes in that show. I don't watch it much these days on TV, but certain scenes do come to me regularly. This scene in particular comes up when I am feeling restless, excited, or anxious:



Moral of the story:

It is going to happen.

No impatience makes it faster. No resistance can prevent it. It's a blessing and a sentence. can also be read as "it's: a blessing and a sentence."

What exactly is it that's unpreventable?

  • the end
  • the next
  • the awakening
  • the atonement

How about you?

What lessons in this clip speak to you?

What is it to you?

- alex brady

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