Where am I? - A Meditation Technique

meditation technique

alex brady loves mind training. Meditative sessions are an arena for testing the strength of a mind's Focus, Attention, Imagination, and Openness.

This is simple meditation technique that uses inner body awareness and confused senses to break us from our daily identity.

It is intended to help the person become aware of sensations and mental abilities often quieted and silenced by the activities of day-to-day life. 

This technique is good for practicing:

  • Attention
  • Open-mindedness
  • Imagination


  1. Quiet your senses.

    Close your eyes. Become comfortable with your surroundings. Change any sound, smell, or sensation within reason until you are comfortable.

  2. Cool down.

    Recommended time: 5 minutes. Do what every cool down works for you. A simple watching of your breath for the duration is good. The goal is to come to a sense of stillness.

  3. Understand your body's position

    Using proprioception, the sense of body position, determine where your toes, hands, head, and everything in between are. Now feel the full field of you perception of your position. It may feel tingly, soft, electric, or many other.. This is what I will call "inner body perception."

    Think of a time and place where you were in the exact or similar body position. The further away in space or time from your current experience you imagine, the more useful you will find this exercise.

  4. You are in that other place now.

    Can you convince yourself that you are in that other time and space? Any remaining sensory noises will be the only remaining connection to the space and time your body is in. Mentally, remove those noises from your awareness or accept them completely.

    Tip: Focus on your inner body. See Step 3.

  5. Stay like this.

    Maintain focus on your inner body, shunning the outside world. Who cares where you are in space? Not you. Not for the duration of this exercise.

    Unlike some other meditation techniques, do not allow your mind to wander or contemplate for some time. Here is a Focus Exercise. If you begin to slip into mind wandering, recall your attention to your inner body and your sense of stillness. Do not be disheartened if your mind wander, be heartened that you are able to recall your attention.

  6. Contemplate and return to body

    During the last phase of meditation, you may notice your mental muscles tiring. Allow your senses back to your awareness. Begin thinking kind thoughts: thoughts of truth, ACIM workbook lessons, personal affirmations, etc.

    When you are ready, open your eyes, appreciate your surroundings, and return to your regular activities.

This meditation is a clear invitation and practice in inviting your awareness to consider mind identity rather than body identity. Can you feel the difference? Are you even here?

I am mind. I am spirit. I am not a body. I am free. I am as God created me.

Stay awakening.

- alex brady

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